Sunday, August 3, 2014

$44 peanut butter

I spent $88 at Target. No, that's not hard to do nor uncommon, but I went there for two things: peanut butter and drain cleaner. It was to be a quick trip, I was going to return some hand soap and pick up those two items and speed away without admiring all of the wonderful things I could dress O in, decorate my house with or crafty things I could make. Until the cashier read the total I thought i had done a good job.

I mean yeah, I did get the large jar of Jif natural peanut butter... but it's not $44 worth. I think it was on sale actually. And when I think peanut butter I think peanut butter kiss cookies so I had to get some kisses. Then they were on sale buy 2 and get 1 free, so I had to get 3 bags, right? (This is starting to feel like 'If you give a mouse a cookie').  I did NOT get the super cute rocket wall art for the Awesomeatorium nor did I even look at shoes. Ok, I did get myself a pair of slippers but my house is SO cold with the AC on and I've wanted some since Christmas. They were only $14, that's a good deal!

I found the drain cleaner and it was 50% off! (so I got 2, we'll need it again I'm sure). And while I was there I hot some more spray cleaner. Isn't my shopping list tiveting?  I didn't get anything fun or "splurge" on anything yet the cashier read me $88 for drain cleaner and peanut butter and a couple of other odds and ends.  My quick trip to Target ended up being the better part of an hour and put a serious dent in my spending money for the month. I don't regret it but I wish I could be more frugal so a trip for peanut butter and drain cleaner is $8 instead.