Wednesday, November 26, 2014

eek shopping on Thanksgiving!?

I used to be one of those folks who was adamantly against stores opening on Thanksgiving. Arguably, it still takes the fun and sport out of getting the sales but that's not my point here. All you hear in the anti-Thanksgiving shopping contingent is that it is unfair to the store employees to take them away from their families and it should wait until Friday. And they are wrong.

It's not unfair to them at all

Firstly, retailers are not out there to be fair to their employees, they're out there to make money. Without decent sales during this time of year they will cease to exist. Any fairness or benefits given to employees is just a bonus. Part of living in a Capitalist society is letting companies operate as they wish, within legal limits, in order to survive. If people are willing to shop on Thanksgiving there is money to be made, retailers cannot be faulted for taking advantage of that.

Really, if you work in retail you can't be surprised when you will be scheduled to work ridiculous shifts during the Christmas season. You know if the store where you work is going to be open on Thanksgiving. Put two and two together, if you're against working on Thanksgiving find a job somewhere else. ...Can't find a job somewhere else, then I'd bet your concern isn't with the injustice of working on a day where lots of people are off of work; you're probably thankful to be gainfully employed, even if that means working on a day when lots of people are off of work. Find the joy in your employment. I for one, fully support those who work hard for their living even sacrificing personal time to be able to support themselves and their families.

Lastly, it's not just store employees that have to work and have their lives impacted from working on a holiday; let's not get too worked up over that. Did you use the Internet? I know I saw you update Facebook or pick up that great deal at Amazon. Guess what? There were loads of people at those two companies and the many in between to get you to those companies' sites who had the pleasure of exercising their employment status on Thanksgiving. Without complaint. Without all of the drama all over the Internet of the injustice.

Oh the irony of people complaining about stores being open on Thanksgiving on Facebook when the people who support Facebook professionally were hard at work. It makes me laugh.

Did you watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, or any football games? Oh yeah, they're all hard at work too. And the TV stations broadcasting it all had people working on Thanksgiving too. No outcries about that either. I can guarantee that if you walked into any hospital or ER in the country you would find doctors, nurses, and administrative staff working hard to treat the sick an injured without any complaint of what day it is.

I work in IT. We work on every holiday. Does it impact my family's plans for Thanksgiving dinner (or Christmas or New Year's), sure, but that's ok because I knew going into my job what the expectations were. I adapt as do all of my fellow compatriots who have to work on holidays. It may not be my favorite part of the job, but I sure do like having a job so I won't protest.

 Instead of protesting the moral injustice of a store being open let's celebrate that people have jobs in those stores that are open. That we have money to spend on TVs and tablets in those stores. And that we live in a country where stores can set their own hours based on what they think will best help them thrive.

That, my friends, is freedom; and I love it.