Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Life Resolutions

Eat better, exercise more, give up caffeine. All great New Year's Resolutions that look good on paper and will undoubtedly be broken by March.

I found one area that I wanted to improve upon and made a resolution to be a better person, regardless of the time of year. This past year I started in November, about 2 weeks before Thanksgiving.

I will stop judging people.

Monday, December 29, 2014

The shower

During his bath he raised up the stopper on the bath spout so that he could have a shower. He wanted to turn the water on himself so he started pushing the handle and I helped him when he couldn't reach anymore. The water came on.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Toddler-proof that iPad

We have all done it. Offer your iPad to your toddler so you can have 10 minutes of quiet to actually get something done or handed your toddler your iPhone to stem a tantrum while waiting in line at the DMV. I won't judge you, I've done it too. I am not anti-technology with kids, as long as the sessions are moderated and far between I'm perfectly fine with allowing O to use my iPad.  C'mon, that thing's been a lifesaver, am I right?

So, do you have the same problem that I have with them, that home button is just too tempting for the little toddler fingers to ignore. They jump from game to game with blatant disregard for actually interacting with that education app that you researched and asked all of your mommy friends for advice about before installing. Ack! How did he get into my mail... don't delete all of my apps!