Saturday, September 12, 2015

Browsing the Internet more safely. Step 1 - block ads

So often people ask me, "Kimmy, how can I be safer while browsing the Internet?" and I have some ways that I do it and thought I'd share. Firstly, what do I mean "protect" yourself?  Obviously we all know not to download sketchy files from odd places on the Internet, right? (Don't download random files from places that I wouldn't trust... that's such a bad idea) Unfortunately, that's not enough. Ads on websites are bad in 3 ways. 

  • They're annoying. 

Monday, February 9, 2015

Mourning for a baby that hasn't come...yet

I have a super happy, healthy, adorable 2 year old. He has taught me love that I had always heard described but I didn't understand until he came along. Every day is filled with laughter, hugs, cries (I mean, he IS two), and love. We have such a great little family. But then every month right around my woman time, I secretly mourn for the baby that I don't have yet. I'm pretty sure the hubs would decide that I'm crazy if I ever told him this so I keep it to myself. Each month a day or two before my cycle is due I start fantasizing about how great it would be to finally fall pregnant again. I stop eating sushi and taking medicine, I prepare myself for the big fat positive pregnancy test. I over analyze every twinge in my stomach thinking it's morning sickness. Then I feel sadness, utter sadness because it's another month where I'm not pregnant. As I stare down my 36th birthday I'm starting to wonder if I'll get to see another positive pregnancy test of my own. My whole life the idea of having multiple children was a given, of COURSE I'll have at least 3. I had never really thought what life would be with one.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Why I'm not potty training

O is 2 which I guess is the magical age where he should be potty trained. He has not interest in the toilet except to put pieces of toilet paper in it so I'm not even going to try because I know it won't work. But this is a good thing in my mind.

So your toddler is potty trained, do you know what comes next for the foreseeable future? Changing wet clothes, wet sheets in the middle of the night, always asking if you have to go to the bathroom before you leave, while you're out, before you head back. That's a lot of stress I'm fine with waiting a little while longer for.