Thursday, January 8, 2015

Why I'm not potty training

O is 2 which I guess is the magical age where he should be potty trained. He has not interest in the toilet except to put pieces of toilet paper in it so I'm not even going to try because I know it won't work. But this is a good thing in my mind.

So your toddler is potty trained, do you know what comes next for the foreseeable future? Changing wet clothes, wet sheets in the middle of the night, always asking if you have to go to the bathroom before you leave, while you're out, before you head back. That's a lot of stress I'm fine with waiting a little while longer for.

The other day it snowed an inch so of course people went bonkers driving. The roads were completely stopped and we ended up in traffic for 3 hours just to go 10 miles before turning around and going home. I had our lunches and snacks with us and a full tank of gas and great music, we were set. Imagine the stress of 3 hours strapped in a car seat where the roads are completely blocked by stopped cars and a toddler in the back who needs to go to the bathroom, or worse, had an accident in the car seat.  Ugh, I'm SO glad that he's in diapers.

Sure, diapers are a pain, they're pretty gross, the leak sometimes, and they're expensive. But for now, the peace of mind and flexibility they give me when we're out is worth $40 a month.

He'll be grown up soon enough, this is one thing I'm fine with not rushing.