Thursday, May 26, 2011

Scrapbook Thursdays

My sister recently returned from a mission in Houston, Texas and has brought home many photographs, cards, mementos, and lots of memories. She has never been one really into crafting but showed some interest after returning as she wants to compile everything so that she can keep her memories safe. Graciously I offered her the use of my craft room and supplies to create her scrapbook (since she has nothing and I have an overabundance) and we decided that one day a week would be set aside for her to come over and work on her project. With that, Scrapbook Thursdays was born.
This is a new plan and hasn’t actually even happened yet since we were busy with the baby shower then I went out of town but we’re starting tonight! Maybe. Probably. I have no idea. I should really talk to her about it.
Thus the urgency of cleaning up the craft room so that another human can go in there and potentially get something done. Tonight’s plan is to put away all of the baby shower stuff and Mother’s Day Card scraps so that she has a lovely, tidy area to begin her crafting.