Monday, April 2, 2012

New Dress Form

I’ve wanted a dress form for about forever and recently could justify one because all of the blouses that I wear to work are cut for a much fuller figure than I.  For some reason stores don’t understand that you can be tall and slim, so everything I wear looks frumpy.  All I need to do is add some darts but I want to be extra sure that they are even as I will be wearing them to work every day.
I ordered one from Amazon and since it was a “special order” item it didn’t ship right away.  Fast forward a month and it still had not shipped and no shipping date was listed.  I cancelled that order and decided that I was going to go over to Hancock and pick one up.  It is a little more money but to actually have it would be worth it.  Today they tweeted a free shipping code for anything over $25 on their site.  YAY!  A dress form is definitely more than $25 and the coupon code saved $14 in shipping.  Now it’s on the way, I can’t wait to use it!