Friday, July 20, 2012

Inexpensive Wall Art

Difficulty: Easy
When throwing a baby shower for my sister we decided that we needed to come up with a project to fill up her tragically bare walls. She had lived in the house for over 3 years but still didn't have a single thing up on the walls. I wish I had a picture to share but I didn't take any.  I came up with this great, and cheap, way to decorate her living room adding a little personalization and was nice to my wallet.

This project is great because it adds a great splash of color and some dimension to your walls without breaking the bank.  All you need are a few inexpensive supplies and some of your favorite scrapbook paper and can have this hanging on your wall in an afternoon.

Supplies Needed:
Foam board (2 pieces)
Craft knife
Spray adhesive
Scrapbook paper
Double-sided tape
Command velcro strips

  1. Cut foam board into varying sized pieces with the largest being no larger than 12″x12″.
  2. Choose which paper you want to use on each piece.  Use varying styles and textures to create a visually interesting design.
  3. Cut the paper to fit each piece, I left a 1/8″ overlap on all sides so the paper was cut slightly larger than the foam board.
  4. (Outside or in a well ventilated area) Spray the back of the paper with the spray adhesive and promptly adhere it to the foam board.  Make sure paper is smooth and even over the board as the glue will dry quickly.  Make sure you leave a little overhang on all sides so your foam board edges are not visible.
  5. Lay out pieces on a table or floor so you can decide on a good arrangement.  Layer the pieces so they overlap to varying degrees.  Try to keep them clustered, if they are too spread out it will be difficult to adhere them in later steps.  Once you decide on the perfect arrangement take a picture of it so you can reference it later.
  6. Starting in one corner and working your way across and down use the double-sided tape to attach the pieces together.  Apply moderate pressure to ensure both sides are properly adhered.
  7. Use Command strips to attach velcro to the back of the project leaving both pieces of velcro stuck together.  Once they are attached to the back of the project decide on the perfect wall placement.  Have someone help you so be sure that it is hung straight and placed well.
  8. Once you have decided on the perfect place remove paper from the wall side of the velcro strip and attach project to the wall.  Apply moderate pressure to ensure it has properly adhered.
I made this for my sister and absolutely loved how it turned out.  I added the “J” as a little personalization for her; I cut it out using my Cricut and the Lyrical Letters cartridge. My other sister requested one after seeing how great it looked on her wall.  An alternative that I may try is attaching the paper or maybe using fabric on balsa wood for a more permanent look.