Monday, September 3, 2012

Sentimental yet digital

I am so sentimental about everything.  If someone gives me something, even if I really don’t like it, I will keep it and treasure it forever (remind me later to tell you about the Happy Birthday leaf.)  That makes shopping for me easy, the thought really is what counts for me but then it’s hard from an organizational standpoint.  What to do with all the stuff?
Well, I don’t have a good answer to that question, right now it’s a lot of decorative baskets and plastic tubs in the basement.  The more pressing question came to me this weekend as I was excavating my desk, are you supposed to keep greeting cards after the event has passed?  The sentimental side of me says, of course!  Grandma sent me that and I love her ever so much so I have to keep it.  I need to get past attaching my emotions and memories to objects.
Given that I am so geeky you’d think I would have thought of this before, but I haven’t; I scanned in all of my greeting cards.  I know lots of people recycle the cards and scrapbook with them but for me the thought of cutting the cards just breaks my heart.  Now I have a lovely folder on my computer with all of the cards I have been given for the past 3 years (it’s been a while since I’ve cleaned my desk) and I can reminisce without having to store a huge pile of cards.  It took me an hour or 2 to do, with taking breaks because it’s boring, and the pile is gone.  I don’t feel any remorse tossing the paper cards in the trash.
I try to separate my technological life from my craft room, I like doing something with my hands; creating something real, not digital.  This is one instance where I think digital is definitely the way to go.