Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Eeek spiders!

There's nothing creepier than giant black spiders this time of year and I wanted to make our entry extra spooky for the impending trick-or-treaters. I could go with the whole fake spiderweb thing but that's not very creative. Thanks to Pinterest, I have adorned our door with these frightening creatures.

I had originally thought of getting spider rings and cutting the ring part off but I couldn't find a pack that was just plain black, they all were black, purple, and orange so it seemed like a waste of money. Then there was the issue of attaching them to the door, I could use magnets but then I had the hardest time trying to find THOSE.  I had decided that hot glue would come off easily enough and wouldn't mess up the door so I'd just do that.

I was so surprised as I was cleaning up my craft room to stumble upon these business card magnets. I knew that was the best way to go, I could just cut them into small pieces and affix them to the back of my spiders.  I was also please when I found these plain spiders at Target, they came in a pack of 75.

The sticky back of the magnets wasn't strong enough to hold them to the spiders so I got out my trusty hot glue gun and attached them with a little dollop on each spider. I think the end result is better than I thought, I like how it looks like they are all making their way into the house. And since they're magnets, it'll be easy to take them down and reuse the next year.

It was so creepy my sister wouldn't even knock on my door when she came over to craft. Score one for me!

Monday, October 22, 2012

I have a craft table again

Believe it or not, this is clean..
Yesterday I finally stole some time to clean off my craft table. The other night while I couldn't sleep I had the strongest urge to sew but I didn't have a place to do it.  That has been remedied at last. I toss out a lot, organized more, and now I'm ready to sew.
(Update: the picture reflects the cleaned-off craft table in mid-craft. I've been working on some thank you cards for shower gifts)

What I should sew is a nursery quilt for my nephew, then I have one for my niece that I really want to make.  I started looking this weekend for fabric for my own nursery but I didn't buy anything. I need to pick some out soon and get started, just 2 months to go.  I want to have it finished before my in-laws come up so they can see the real finished product. How productive can I be in 2 short weeks while working full time?  Time will tell.  I'll post pictures as I'm working on everything.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Halloween at last

Halloween is my 2nd favorite holiday to decorate for. This year I have been slacking but I finally got out some decorations and it's feeling much more spooky now. Most of my decorations involve lights, but everyone loves fun lights, right?

Bob is in a new place this year since it was declared unsafe to stand on a step stool over the stairs while 7 months pregnant.  We also have a new edition of some bats that seem to have flown in when I wasn't looking.  I got this idea from a great blog I follow and I love how it turned out.