Monday, October 22, 2012

I have a craft table again

Believe it or not, this is clean..
Yesterday I finally stole some time to clean off my craft table. The other night while I couldn't sleep I had the strongest urge to sew but I didn't have a place to do it.  That has been remedied at last. I toss out a lot, organized more, and now I'm ready to sew.
(Update: the picture reflects the cleaned-off craft table in mid-craft. I've been working on some thank you cards for shower gifts)

What I should sew is a nursery quilt for my nephew, then I have one for my niece that I really want to make.  I started looking this weekend for fabric for my own nursery but I didn't buy anything. I need to pick some out soon and get started, just 2 months to go.  I want to have it finished before my in-laws come up so they can see the real finished product. How productive can I be in 2 short weeks while working full time?  Time will tell.  I'll post pictures as I'm working on everything.