Monday, December 10, 2012

Holiday to do list v3

I'm making more progress on my list. I still have a TON of gifts to make, I haven't actually started on anything. I am hoping that my cold/flu/whatever it is is waning and I'll find some energy soon. Sorry for the messy list but I like having what I've completed marked off instead of just deleted so I feel like I've actually accomplished something.
  • Stock up on baby's essentials
    • Onesies
    • Receiving blankets
    • The rest of the gear we need - If I can EVER get my Babies R Us registry completion coupon to work. I've never sat on hold for so long trying to get someone to help me in my life. SO FRUSTRATING. This should be considered abuse of a heavily pregnant woman.
    • Clothes
  • Wash baby clothes and blankets
  • Get craft supplies from Michaels or AC Moore
    • I think I'll try to hit Michaels after work this week and then AC Moore on Friday since I'll be out that way shopping (They totally didn't have what I wanted so now I need to come up with a plan B)
  • Get fabric for the DIY hospital gown that I want to make. I actually want to make 2 of them so I'll get double the fabric.
  • Get fabric for receiving blankets
  • SEW!
  • Hire someone to remove the leaves from the yard and cut the grass (our mower stopped working and I don't really have the desire to do it all by hand 8 months pregnant)
  • Put up outside lights - I'll wait until the leaves are collected this weekend
  • Decorate for Christmas
  • Collect pictures for scrapbook gifts
  • Sort through pictures and get them printed
  • Make scrapbook pages
  • Christmas cards (I totally bought cards, but they're beautiful and in the mail so that's done at least)
  • Get oil changed in Snowball
  • Install car seat
  • Bake cookies (YUM!)
red - completed
green - new addition
black - still need to complete