Friday, March 22, 2013

Who really needs sleep?

This week I am quickly learning just how little sleep I need to function.  OJ has decided that he doesn't want to sleep unless I am holding him.  I can't sleep sitting up.  Put the two together and you get one tired mama.

Sure, tears have been shed because you reach a point where you're so tired it hurts, but then you keep going.  I have to keep little candies or snacks in the car to help keep me awake during my commute but other than that I am fine.

Monday, March 18, 2013

I still can't do math | lactation cookies

One of the biggest jokes while I was pregnant was how the baby was taking up so much of my brain power that I couldn't even do simple math.  Which is amusing since I'm such a math geek.  Once he was born the first thing my brother asked was some simple math problems to see if I could do them and I passed with flying colors.

I decided to make lactation cookies and hunted around for all of the crazy ingredients for them.  The first ingredient is butter so I warmed up a pound of butter.  After not having the time to do it for many, many days, I decided I was going to make them yesterday.  I creamed the butter with the sugar just like the recipe said and it seemed a little... wet.  I added the eggs and vanilla and it was looking more like cake batter than cookie batter.