Monday, May 6, 2013

Am I psychic?

Way back when O would sleep through the night, at least as much as I did.  It was wonderful.  Those days are just a distant memory now and I wonder if it's because either he or I are psychically connected.  I know, I sound crazy.  With the little sleep I've had lately I'm pretty sure I am crazy, but hear me out anyway.

We're both asleep.  Me in my bed and O in his crib in the Awesomeatorium.  I leave the video stream from the baby monitor open on my iPad all night on my nightstand.  I wake up periodically because, well, I've never slept well.  When I wake up I check on O on my iPad and he's sleeping soundly.  Without fail, within a minute or two he'll start kicking around and making noise wanting to eat.  He was sleeping soundly! How did he wake up?  I think he knows when I'm awake.

At first I thought it was the rustling of my comforter that he somehow heard but there's no way.  The Awesomeatorium isn't even next door to our room, both doors are closed, and there's fan on in his room.  How does he know I'm awake?

Now, you may think this is a crazy coincidence but 95% of the times I wake up and look at him this happens.  I'm not even exaggerating.  Is this maternal instinct kicking in so I know when he's going to wake up or is he psychic and knows when I'm looking at him?  Either way, I'm starting to be a little more cautious about looking at him on the monitor.  I miss those days of sleep, I hope we can get back there sometime (soon would be great!)