Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I love my baby monitor

I'll tell just about anyone who will listen about how much I love my baby monitor.  It's not the cheapest one on the market but I got mine from with a 20% off coupon code as part of the Amazon Mom program so I feel like I got a good deal.  This thing is just awesome.

We're an ifamily, we both have iPhones and iPads.  This monitor shows you what's going on in the nursery by way of a free app for any iOS product and now Android too.  The monitor runs off of your wired or wireless network so you don't have the security vulnerability of the traditional radio monitors.  To enable a device to be able to use the monitor you have to configure it individually by a bluetooth connection, so you have to be within close range of the monitor; you can't randomly activate it over the Internet.

It has many of the same features of many other monitors out there but it seems like, to me, this has a few more.  I will say that the camera does not move remotely, you have to manually reposition it if you want a different view but it does pinch zoom from any remote device.


  • Full color and night vision camera modes
  • Temperature, humidity, motion, and sound monitoring
  • Totally customizable alerting based on movement, sound, sound, temperature, and humidity
  • Plays music or whitenoise, can be set to play for 5, 15, or 60 minutes or "On"
  • Contains a nightlight which will change colors or you can pick the color of the nightlight, it has the same timer settings as the music
  • Can take a picture right from the app
  • Can use your phone/iPad mic to talk to the baby through the monitor
  • Camera zooms with a pinch from your mobile device
  • Has a continual monitoring mode so even if you close the app you will still hear what's going on in the baby's room
  • Price
  • Camera is stationary
At night I'll open the app on my iPad and leave it on my nightstand.  I can hear when O is having a restless night or if he starts making noise I can easily see if he's awake and needs to eat or if he's just dreaming.  Lately, he has started getting up in the middle of the night again and falls back asleep within about 10 minutes of me holding him.  Great but then it takes me over an hour to go back to sleep.  Just within the past few nights I've started turning on his nightlight from my app and it seems to entertain him enough to keep him quiet and then he falls back asleep.  It's so wonderful.

I love this thing, it's one of the best purchases we made for baby.

If you want one, here's a link to Amazon for it, I don't get anything from you clicking the link or making a purchase...  Amazon mom's can get 20% off if they use the coupon code by the end of May.