Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Amazon love

I'm the frugal one. I feel like it's a crime to pay full price for anything, if it's not on sale (or even better, clearance) then I don't want to buy it.  In that respect, I also hate spending the time to shop around and I can't seem to get this whole coupon thing. I forget to take them with me, I forget to give them to the cashier, I let them expire.  I just stink at coupons. This is why I <3 Amazon so much.

I joined Amazon Mom in September to get a coupon for 20% my entire order, I loaded that up with baby stuff and saved hundreds of dollars.  Combine that with Amazon Prime and Subscribe and Save and you can get some pretty good deals.

I have it set to deliver a giant case of diapers, wipes, breastmilk bags, and steel cut oatmeal each month. I also have diaper genie refills and qtips scheduled every other month or 6 months.  I get a discount off of everything for subscribing and an extra discount the months that I have 5 or more items delivered.  I saved about $23 this month alone on things I'd have to buy anyway.  All that AND they bring it all to me.  No going to a store, shopping sales to get the best deals or mucking around with coupons.  The diapers are about $0.02 a piece which by my calculation judging by ads is pretty good.