Monday, May 20, 2013

No poo day #2

Ok, so I kind of procrastinated at the whole no poo thing, I kept waiting for the right day to potentially make my hair completely unmanageable.  It never came so I decided yesterday was going to be the day.  I made up my new hair cleanser and "conditioner" and put it to the test.

The recipe I used was:

1 cup of warm water + 1 tablespoon of baking soda dissolved and put in a squirt bottle
1/2 cup of water + 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar put in a small spray bottle

I may need to adjust my recipe and put a bit more baking soda in my first mixture, it didn't feel "slippery" when I washed my hair and I discovered after I finished that I was supposed to let it sit for a while in my hair, I rinsed it out right away.  I only used it on my roots, it felt strange squirting it over my head because I had no idea how much to use.  It was much colder than my shower water so I could easily tell what parts of my head I had covered.

After I rinsed the baking soda mixture out I sprayed the length of my hair with the vinegar solution.  I've never sprayed anything in my hair without a mirror so that felt pretty awkward.  I probably used too much but I wanted to make sure I got all of my hair, and it's pretty long.  I let it sit for a minute or two as I smelled distinctly like an Easter egg and rinsed it out.  Thankfully, the vinegar smell washed down with the water.

I don't blow dry my hair normally but I think I'd be afraid at least now, I don't know how dry this will make my hair.  While it was still wet it felt pretty good, it didn't smell like anything which is ok with me, and it wasn't super tangly.  I let it air dry and I only ran my fingers through it to loosen the tangles.  This morning I brushed it and I feel like it was easier to brush than when I was using my other shampoo.

It has a little static in it but other than that it feels alright today.  Now I'm going to wait a day or two and do it again and see if it gets better/worse.  I'll keep you updated!